Roofing Solutions For You

Roofing Solutions For You

Musing on What Type of Metal Roofing You Should Install? Here's 3 Good Reasons to Pick Aluminium Roofing

by Jack King

If you are looking to install a metal roof and you are wondering what type of metal material you should choose, you should consider aluminium. Aluminium roofing products are highly sought after on the Australian building construction market because of the many practical and aesthetic advantages that they can provide. Read on to find out what some of those perks are.

Longer service life. 

Once a metal roof has been installed, exposure to the elements (water and oxygen) that cause rust and corrosion is inevitable. Hence, the biggest threat to the longevity of any metal roofing product is the potential for rust and corrosion. While some metal roofs may not be able to bear up against constant exposure to rainy, snowy and icy conditions, aluminium roofs can withstand such conditions. This ensures homeowners do not have to constantly worry about repainting or refinishing their roofs, which costs time and money over the long term.

In addition, aluminium material has a great reserve of strength, which makes it offer excellent impact resistance when it is hit by hail stones and other hard things. The longer lifespan of aluminium roofing products makes them a cost-efficient option over the long term.

Faster construction times.

One of the main reasons why many people favour aluminium over other types of metal roofing materials like steel is their lightweight nature. Aluminium is much lighter than comparable metal materials, yet it still retains its strength. This attribute makes aluminium roof products a lot easier to build with, as builders can carry them around the construction site and lift them up the roof section without much hassle. 

Better visual impact.

Visual impact, in this sense, does not just refer to the initial appearance of the roof, but the ability of the roof to maintain its look down the road. Speaking on appearances, there's no denying that aluminium roofing products retain their initial colour and finishes much longer than several other metal roofing options. Aluminium material readily reacts with oxygen present in the air to form aluminium oxide, which then protects the metal substrate against corrosion and rust. This ensures aluminium roofing keeps looking good for longer.

Aluminium roofing products are not cheap, but they offer great value for money. To know how much you will need to install an aluminium roof, you should ask a local roofing contractor to provide you with a quotation. For more information, contact a professional in your area like those found at Suncity Roofing & Supplies P/L.


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