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Roofing Solutions For You

Benefits of Using Corrugated Metal Roof Cladding

by Jack King

Metal cladding is an excellent choice for a house roof. It's easy to look after, and it has an attractive appearance. Here are several benefits of using this material for your new build or reroofing project.

Diverse Profiles

Corrugated metal cladding comes in diverse profiles, providing many design choices. It's available in round wave-shape profiles and flat styles with standing seams cutting across the surface. For a contemporary house, a standing seam profile may be ideal, as it gives a sleek look. Round orb profiles can appear traditional or modern, depending on the other features of the building.

Design Options

Metal roof cladding is a versatile option that you can apply to a house in interesting ways. Unlike other materials, metal can be bent to cover the roof and the walls of a contemporary building with unique architecture. A metal roof complements other clad surfaces such as brick and timber walls. Over an eclectic house, you could use the same corrugated sheets for the roof and a section of the wall. They could be painted the same colour, or one could be silver in contrast. Metal roofs come in a wide array of colours. Some are designed to suit heritage houses and traditional architectural styles as well.


Metal roofing is covered in various coatings to prevent rust. One option is molten zinc-dipped steel, which is termed galvanised steel. More recent technologies combine metal coatings. Some roofs are encased in a zinc-and-aluminium alloy, and others are baked with powder-coated paint. The moist, salty air near the coast is extremely harsh, and metal cladding has been produced for these conditions. This cladding may be made from stainless steel, which naturally resists rust.

Other Uses

Metal cladding can also be used in other spots on your property to create a sense of cohesion. It could be used as infill material for a wooden post and rail fence. You could use a miniature corrugated style for this purpose. Another possibility is to use metal cladding for a custom garage door. Many metal roof manufacturers produce components, such as gutters and downpipes. You can match or contrast the colour of these elements against the roof.


Many metals are recyclable, which makes them a great material to work with. The roof cladding you choose may contain some recycled content. In any case, your new roof can be recycled in the future, or it could be repurposed for other projects, such as a custom kitchen island. 

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