Roofing Solutions For You

Roofing Solutions For You

Surprising Causes of Roof Damage and Wear

by Jack King

A home's roof will eventually wear out and need repair or even an outright replacement. How often this happens will depend a lot on the durability of the roofing materials used and the everyday weather conditions in your area; however, it can also depend on how well you maintain your home and even your property. Note a few surprising causes of roof damage so you can avoid these yourself and ensure your home's roof lasts as long as possible.

Tree branches

If tree branches are always brushing up against your home's roof or if you have a tree that is always shedding branches that slide down the roof, this can actually be causing damage to the roof. Tree branches are very heavy and rough, and they can scrape the top side of asphalt shingles, a metal roof, and many types of roofing tile.

Branches can also get caught between tiles, lifting them from the roof itself, which then allows water to seep in under the tiles. This also puts pressure on tile nails and other connectors, which might allow the roofing material to come loose. To avoid this, trim tree branches that overlap your home's roof and power wash the roof often throughout the year.


As with tree branches, you may not think that birds, squirrels and other animals that walk on your home's roof would do much damage. However, the claws of these animals can cut and scratch the roofing materials and damage tiles, metal and other materials. When these animals pick at food sources on the roof, this can also pull up tiles and connectors.

Squirrels usually use tree branches for travelling, so trimming trees will usually keep these pests off the roof. Regular power washing will also remove any growing nests on the roof, keeping birds away as well.


The gutters and downspouts of your home are designed to direct rainwater away from the home's foundation, preventing water leaks and other damage. Having gutters in good repair can then protect the home's exterior, but note that undersized gutters or clogged downspouts can allow rainwater to collect around the roof's eaves. This water can then seep under the outer edge of the roof and under roofing tile. This can soften and damage the tiles and allow for water leaks on the roof. Be sure you clean your gutters as often as necessary, and check them for backups and debris after every storm. If the gutters overflow, this often means they're undersized and might be holding water, so have them replaced.

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