Roofing Solutions For You

Roofing Solutions For You

Why Use Fibre Cement for Your Home

by Jack King

Fibre cement is not the same type of concrete that is used for driveways; fibre cement includes a mixture of fibres that make the cement lightweight yet very durable, so it can actually be used as cladding, exterior siding, and as a roofing material. When your home needs new siding or repairs to exterior walls or a new roof, note why you might choose fibre cement, and then discuss this option with your contractor or roofer.


Fibre cement is shaped and formed and then cut into long planks by a manufacturer. While the material is not something you can install yourself, even if you've had experience with installing aluminium siding, having the planks made in a factory ensures that the cement is made to exacting specifications.

This also means less waste of the material, as the cement is not mixed on the jobsite; this often allows concrete or cement mixtures to dry and harden, ruining the batch. For a quality material that you know you can trust to be strong and durable, and to ensure you have less construction waste during a roofing or siding project, opt for fibre cement.


Fibre cement is typically painted when it's manufactured, as it may need a special application process to hold its colour; this means you don't need to ever worry about needing to repaint your home's exterior when you choose fibre cement! The material is also dense enough that it won't chip, crack, or get dented, so repairs are minimal.


Note that fibre cement is virtually impervious to insects, as fibre cement doesn't provide a food source for these pests, as does wood siding. Because it's so durable, fibre cement is also unlikely to provide gaps and openings for these insects to get inside your home. To protect your home from pests as much as possible, especially if you live in an area that is prone to infestations, opt for fibre cement.

Fire protection

Cement is naturally resistant to fire, as its materials are not combustible. The fibres used for fibre cement are also resistant to fire and are densely packed in the cement mixture. If your home is in an area prone to brushfires or lightning strikes or if you have an increased risk of fire inside the home, such as from smokers in the family, lots of cooking with oils over open flames, a wood stove and the like, fibre cement can protect your home, stopping a fire where it begins.


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