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Roofing Solutions For You

Clearing Up a Few Misconceptions About Timber Framing for a Home

by Jack King

If you're thinking of having a new house built, a timber frame is a very good option. This type of framing can give you an open and airy look, and allow for a completely flexible floor plan over the years. Since many homeowners have a few common misconceptions about this material and method of construction, however, note a few of those here, so you can discuss these with your builder and choose the best option for your new home.

Timber framing means a cold and draughty house

Timber-framed homes typically do not include a layer of drywall along the home's inside walls, so you might assume that this means the walls are very thin and the interior cold and draughty. In truth, the interiors of timber-framed homes are covered with what is called a structural insulated panel, or SIP, that helps to insulate the home. These panels use a very dense foam behind a layer of material that is left exposed to the home's interior; this foam works just as well as fibreglass and other materials used to insulate the home, so that a timber-framed home is comfortable year-round.

Timber framing is bad for the environment

First, note that stick-built homes usually result in a lot more construction waste and wood scraps, as beams and joists need to be cut onsite, and then sanded and planed so they all fit together. Timber frames, on the other hand, are typically made in a factory to very exacting standard, so there is little to no wasted wood.

Also, note that wood actually cleans the air around it, even after it's been cut. Thick, exposed beams of a timber-framed home can help to keep the environment cleaner, more so than the covered frame of a traditional home.

Timber framing guarantees a rustic appearance

You may assume that a timber-framed home means an overly rustic look inside. However, when choosing timber framing, you do have options that can tone down the look of the beams, such as having them painted a crisp white. You can also choose what is called a hybrid timber frame, which uses timber framing in some parts of the home, and then traditional framing in others. For example, traditional framing can create a sitting room and dining room at the front of the home, while timber framing might be used around the kitchen and family room. Discuss the option of a hybrid construction with your builder so you end up with a home that suits your tastes in particular.


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