Roofing Solutions For You

Roofing Solutions For You

Roof Extension Ideas for Outdoor Patio Areas

by Jack King

When you first built your patio area, it was likely just a brick or paver patio to enjoy for grilling, sitting or entertaining. As time went on, you probably began looking at other options, but those options required a roof or head cover. If you are looking for roofing and roof extensions that may do well for your outdoor patio area, then consider some of these.

Glass Roof Extension

You may want to create a glass room around your existing patio. This is an ideal option if you want to have a clear visual area of your entire backyard and sky year round. This can help give you an extra living area without closing you in or giving the appearance of being closed in. With that in mind, you may want to look at glass roof extension options that go beyond the traditional look. For example, you may want to go with a glass roof extension with retractable panels you can open during the summer months. You can also go with glass-enclosed blinds to help cut back on the sun during extreme conditions.

Ventilated Roof Extension

If you cook a lot on your patio, but you want it covered, you may want to consider a ventilated roof extension for the area. The roof can be virtually any design option. A ventilation unit is set into the ceiling of the roof and can be turned on with the flip of a switch. The ventilation system will help pull smoke from the area andp keep the air clean and airy during the cooking process. You can also add ceiling fans to the area to keep air flowing through the patio.

Lattice Roof Extension

If you are a gardener and you are looking for an arch or roof area to run vining plants through to create a garden roof design or natural roof, then a lattice roof extension may be ideal for you. This can be done with lumber studs or it can be done with lattice work depending on the durability and look you are going for. These are popular in outdoor living areas that do not experience harsh weather for more than a few weeks a year or for people who want to have a more natural appeal to their home's exterior.

These are just a few of the outdoor patio roof extensions that may work for you, depending on the goal and look you are trying to achieve. If you are ready to move forward, consider contacting your local contractor for pricing and estimates.


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