Roofing Solutions For You

Roofing Solutions For You

Why Should You Think About a New Roof Before Fitting Solar Panels?

by Jack King

More and more people across Australia are thinking of installing solar panels on their property. It isn't hard to see why, with solar panels saving you money on your energy bills while helping out the planet at the same time.

Of course, there are a couple of things you'll need to consider, and one of them is whether it might be a good idea to replace your old roof with a new roof before having the solar panels installed. If your roof has only seen one or two winters and shows zero signs of damage, it's probably not necessary, but here are just a few reasons why other roofs might benefit from a replacement.

Avoiding Damage

Most people are surprised by how little solar panels weigh – they certainly aren't as heavy as they first appear. That said, they are naturally going to introduce a little more weight to your roof, and any added weight is going to put strain on existing problems. If your roof has any small cracks and leaks, they are likely to get worse, so it makes sense to ensure that everything is strong and stable before you start, especially since installation may prove tricky if your roof has any weak spots.

And keep in mind that any roof repairs will be much trickier to carry out once the solar panels have been installed. Each one will need to be carefully removed should even a small problem develop in the future, so it's best to reduce that risk as much as possible before installation takes place.

Changing Material

Solar panels can be installed on pretty much any kind of roofing material; unless you happen to have gone with thatch, you should be fine. That said, some roofing materials are easier to work with. Simple asphalt shingles, for example, are generally more convenient to work with than terracotta tiles.

You might also want to think about changing your roofing material for cosmetic reasons. Some materials simply look better paired with solar panels, while others make those panels look slightly incongruous.

Adjust Pitch

Finally, fitting a new roof gives you the opportunity to slightly change its pitch. Solar panels work best when they are pitched at a certain degree, which is why you see them propped up when set onto flat surfaces. You can have the pitch of your new roof slightly altered to maximise the efficiency of your solar panels.


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