Roofing Solutions For You

Roofing Solutions For You

Replacement or Repair: Considerations for Choosing the Right Roof Option

by Jack King

Roofing materials are resilient and can withstand mechanical stress and constant exposure to the elements. However, every roof will sustain damage at one point in its service life or become degraded due to old age. When this happens, it is imperative for the homeowner to perform immediate restoration of the structural element. In general, there are two options to consider if your roof is not in a good state. You can carry out repairs on the damaged parts or perform a complete replacement. If you are not sure about the right choice for your home, here are some considerations to help you make the right decision.

Roofing Material Age

You should consider the current age of your roofing material before deciding on restoration. New roofing products will be in good condition even after sustaining damage through adverse weather or mechanical impact.

Therefore, if your roof is relatively new, you should consider repairs for maximum economic benefits. Old roofing systems usually have widespread damage, and their state often translates into repetitive upkeep tasks.

If your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan, you should consider replacement. This option will allow you to cut the long-term costs of maintenance. The exact service life of your roof will depend on the building material, environment and maintenance practices.

Level of Damage

If you are evaluating your roof restoration options, chances are you have noticed some significant problems such as roof leaks, water damage or dents. However, you should not panic or make rash decisions. Instead, you should analyse the damage objectively. For example, your home might have a massive leak which seems irresolvable. The actual problem could be localised, and the needed repair work could be minimal. Therefore, check the roof with care and record the issues. If the leaks are around vents, skylights and chimneys, you can repair the damage by sealing the gaps. However, if the entire roof is affected, replacement is more suitable.

Plans for the Future 

Finally, you should evaluate your long-term intentions with the building. If you are planning on staying in the home for the foreseeable future, you should consider replacement as an investment into the property. On the other hand, if you intend to sell, repairs will suffice. If you choose the latter option, you should remember that significant issues will be revealed before the conveyance of the property. This shortcoming could affect resale value.

For ideal results, you should consult a licensed roofer for inspection, professional guidance and resolution of the problems.


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