Roofing Solutions For You

Roofing Solutions For You

Signs that you should be improving your attic's insulation this summer

by Jack King

The summer is great because of the warm weather and the sun. It also brings with it rainfall and a lot of humidity. It is the season of the year that most people realise they have issues with their roofs, and it is also the ideal time to make repairs and maintenance. One of the common problems which affect roofs in the summer is excessive heat and humidity. The presence of extreme heat in the summer creates serious moisture issues in the attic, affecting the roof in the long run. Improving attic ventilation is the easiest way to preserve the roof this summer.

Lack of attic vents

The attic needs an elaborate ventilation system if it is to circulate air properly. If you do not see any vents on the eaves and the roof to your house, it is possible that there is no ventilation. The roof may have a ridge vent which is continuous and runs along the roof peak. A competent roofing contractor will help you figure out whether the ventilation you have is sufficient, and if not, tell you how to improve it.

Hot ceiling during the day

Another indicator that your attic is not adequately ventilated is a hot ceiling during the day. If you touch the ceiling during the day and it is hot, it is an indication that the attic is trapping too much hot air. The heat ruins the roofing material and also raises your HVAC bill. Improving the ventilation in the roof will automatically reduce the heating and cooling costs and preserve the roof.

Moisture on rafters and roof sheathing

Another indicator that your attic is not well-ventilated is warm air which escapes from the house and later cools down, condensing on the rafters. If you inspect your attic in the winter, and it seems to have dampness and frost, poor ventilation could be the problem.

Another universal indicator that you need to improve the ventilation of your attic is the presence of very thick ridges of ice on the eaves. The best person to assess the status of the roof and recommend an appropriate replacement is a roofing contractor, such as Sykes Roofing. As long as you have a competent roofing contractor working with you to correct the weaknesses, you can be assured that the roof will last longer and your issues with poor ventilation and high heating bills will reduce. The best time to act on ventilation roofs is before the cool season starts.  


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