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Roofing Solutions For You

Strata Property Maintenance: 3 Steps to Follow When Undertaking a Roof Repairs Project

by Jack King

Buying property within a strata scheme is a viable investment as compared to purchase a freehold. First, apartments and houses within the scheme are usually more affordable as compared to others that are not managed through a strata scheme. Additionally, you get to enjoy common areas such as a swimming pool, gym, kids play area and other amenities that would be costly to install in your freehold house.

However, when it comes to maintenance and repairs of property, you need to ensure that you follow the right guidelines to avoid breaking strata laws and regulations. This article will look into some of the steps that you should follow when carrying out strata roofing repairs.

Inform the owners' corporation

Strata schemes have an owners' corporation that is tasked with maintenance of common property. Note that any exterior parts of a building are considered common property, and these include the exterior walls, roof, and exterior fixtures such as doors and windows. Therefore, you are not permitted to carry out any repairs to such parts without seeking the permission of the owners' corporation. In fact, you may find that you are not solely liable for the repairs to the roof. So, before starting the project, consult the corporation about the way forward concerning the roofing repairs.

Secure estimates for the project

Repairing the roofing for a strata property is not your usual DIY project. There is a need to ensure that you carry out quality repairs, mainly if you have rented out the property. This will make your house or apartments attractive to potential tenants and increase your returns. So, take your time and find a reputed contractor for the project. Also, get estimates for the project and use these together with the contractors' experience and testimonials to determine the best person for the job. Find someone who aims at providing a long-term solution, whether you are dealing with roof leaks, gutter problems or water pooling on the roof's surface.

Notify tenants

If you have invested in a strata scheme, the chances are that you have rented out your property to tenants. You need to notify them of the repairs so that they can be prepared for the disruptions. If the renovations are extensive, they may have to find alternative accommodation during the project day. Therefore, you should put the word out in advance so that they can make proper arrangements. This will allow your contractor to have an easy time working on the roof.


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