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Roofing Solutions For You

Tis The Season For Pre-Autumn Roofing Maintenance

by Jack King

The Australian summer is in full swing, but autumn will arrive before you know it. Once the tree leaves start to fall, you face an uphill maintenance battle in getting your roof and guttering into shape ready for the winter rain. Therefore, now is the time to perform maintenance on the top of your house, so that when autumn rolls around you will be sitting pretty inside with a blank to-do list. Here are two tasks you can take care of on your roof right now.

Check For Loose Roofing Sheets

In some parts of Australia, like New South Wales and Queensland, summer storms bring with them torrential rain and winds. The strong wind is detrimental to your roofing cladding because any weakness is quickly exposed. The wind goes under compromised roofing sheets, and the upward force loosens the sheet from its security until it is ripped free and becomes an airborne hazard. Until the roof sheet is repaired, there is also the potential for rain to get beneath the cladding and flood your ceilings. Every month during the summer, you must get onto your roof and do a visual inspection for sheets that are loose or have nails missing. Have your roofer make immediate repairs to prevent interior home damage.

Check For Damaged Gutters

Your gutters transport a vast amount of rainwater in a short period of time during summer storms. If the gutter is damaged, then the water escapes the gutter and flows down the side of your house. Subsequently, it then has the potential to enter your wall cavities. If your gutters become blocked with leaves or other tree debris, then the rainwater backs up and can enter your home through the cavity between the roof and the ceiling. Gutters also need monthly inspection during summer and biweekly clearance during autumn to rid them of debris buildup.

While inspecting the gutters, make sure you take a close look at the downpipes that transport the water from the gutter to the drainage hole. These also can get damaged or blocked. If either the gutter or the downpipe is damaged, have it replaced by your roofing contractor.

Do not let Mother Nature invade your home this autumn. These two simple checks performed now will ensure that when autumn rolls around, your roof and gutters are up to the task of moving rainwater away from your property and into the stormwater system.


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