Roofing Solutions For You

Roofing Solutions For You

Considerations When Choosing Roofing Materials

by Jack King

Whether you are upgrading, replacing or installing a new roof, you need to ensure you get the right roofing materials. Getting the right roofing materials means considering the climate, shape of your roof, whether you have a commercial or residential structure and whether you have any intentions of installing any equipment on your roof (for example, an AC system).

These considerations help you choose between the different roofing materials available. You may come across timber/wood, sheet materials (steel or galvanised iron), plastic, glass, tiles (concrete, asphalt, clay, metal, slate and composite), etc.

Locality and Climate

Climate includes things like rain, storms, hail, strong winds, excess sunlight, etc. You want to ensure that the kind of roofing material you choose is resistant to weather elements (won't get damaged) and can protect you from them (including insulation properties).

Don't forget to think about things like noise; is the roof material you choose noisy when it is impacted by rain or hail? An example of noisy roofing material is metal sheet material. Though it is strong, it can be noisy.

If your locality experiences long periods of hail or rain, you might consider getting roofing material that is silent upon impact. Tile would be a good example of this. However, since no locality lacks rain at some point, you can consider roofing material that is noisy if your locality experiences short periods of rain (you can bear the noisy short periods if the roofing materials offers other crucial benefits you need).

The Shape of Your Roof

Your roof can either be sloping or flat. Some roofing materials are better designed for sloping roofs, while others are better for flat roofs. For example, if you have a flat roof, it would be better if you used sheet material, which avoids water ingress. Tiles do allow water ingress if placed on a flat roof. Because you don't want a leaky roof, tiles are better suited for sloping roofs.

Commercial and Residential Structures

This usually affects the aesthetic value of a structure. It is important to let a roofing designer guide you when it comes to aesthetic matters. You don't want to go wrong with aesthetics, especially for a commercial structure. People's or client's opinions can affect your business' success.

Will You Install Equipment On the Roof?

If you might install any equipment on the roof, you should factor in the equipment's weight and how it will be installed. You don't want to install a roof that makes it difficult to install the equipment or that might get damaged.


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