Roofing Solutions For You

Roofing Solutions For You

The Benefits Of Choosing Metal For Your Roof Replacement

by Jack King

If you're considering a roof replacement for your home, you'll have been confronted with a barrage of possible materials. One option is metal—read on to discover the benefits these roofs will bring.


Whatever roofing material you select, your home's walls and roof structure will need to carry its weight. Because metal is typically lightweight compared to options like terracotta, concrete or slate tiles, your home will usually be strong enough. Thus, if you're replacing a tiled roof with metal, the transition should be unproblematic for the existing building. In contrast, if you change from metal to heavier tiles, your home may need reinforcing.

Fire Un-Friendly

Slanted hip or gable roofs provide valleys in which live embers can collect, and flat and skillion roofs do the same. Thus it's crucial that any roofing material you choose is fire repellent and will do its best to keep your home safe. That's why fire-resistant metals, such as aluminium and metal, are excellent choices, particularly in bush fire–prone areas.

Design Versatility

Metal roof sheeting comes in different groove configurations—some rounded and traditional, others more angular. With a wide variety of design options, you'll be able to match the metal to your home, whether the style is classic or contemporary. What's more, these roofs are available in an endless array of stunning muted hues to flatter any landscape: dusky blue, slate grey and burnt red, for instance. Because large sheets of corrugated metal are quicker to install than a multitude of smaller tiles, the installation of a metal roof is typically faster as well.

Long-Lasting And Durable

Metal roofs will typically protect your home for decades. You'll not have to worry about mould or mildew, nor does metal become infested by insects. Aluminium naturally repels corrosion, and thus these roofs are particularly apt for coastal regions with harsh, salty, moist atmospheres. 

While steel doesn't have the same natural corrosion resistance, it's typically covered in protective zinc (this is called galvanised steel). Sometimes a mixture of zinc, aluminium and magnesium combine to create a particularly robust coating. Baked-on polyester paints provide further shielding benefits for all types of metals, thus increasing the durability of the roofing. 

Copes Well With Rain And Snow

With a metal roof replacement, you'll be able to relax knowing that it can handle whatever wintery weather comes its way. Whether your roof is a steeply pitched gable style or a slightly sloping skillion roof, the grooves enable rainwater to run off smoothly, preventing puddles. Additionally, snow can easily slide off large areas of metal, and it won't get trapped in between individual tiles to possibly cause moisture damage.


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