Roofing Solutions For You

Roofing Solutions For You

5 Benefits of Gutter Guards

by Jack King

It's no secret that gutters protect your home's foundation, siding, and landscaping from rain runoff. You can upgrade the gutters by installing metal gutter guards, which will provide a host of benefits on top of those of open gutters.

1. Fewer Clogs

The main attraction of gutter guards is that they keep leaves and other debris from compacting in the gutters. Instead, the debris is trapped on top of the mesh guards, where ideally it will be washed off the roof as water flows through the guard and into the gutter. You won't have to spend long hours on a gutter scooping slimy leaves out of the gutters anymore.

2. Easier Maintenance

Although guards keep leaves out of the gutters, they aren't completely maintenance-free. What maintenance remains is much easier than normal gutter cleaning, though. Some debris may get stuck on top of the guards. This can be swept off with a brush or even sprayed off with a garden hose, so it won't take the hard work and time of traditional gutter cleaning. 

3. Animal Exclusion

A variety of pests can end up in the gutters. Birds will sometimes nest in them come dry season. Rodents will also root around in gutters and cause damage. Not to mention the concerns of mosquitoes laying eggs in any standing water in the guttering. A good gutter guard will keep all of these pests out of your gutters, leading to less gutter damage and a safer yard environment. 

4. Longer Gutter Life

Overflowing and blockages are not good for the gutters. Blockages can damage seams or lead to leaks in the guttering. Scratches and gouges in the finish of the metal gutters may develop into rust, which can then lead to holes and leaks. Using gutter guards to prevent blockages will extend the life of the gutters and prevent unwanted leaks that could damage roof eaves and siding.

5. Fire Safety

In bushfire-prone areas, many homeowners opt for metal roofs and fire-resistant siding. Yet the gutter can still pose a risk. Debris in the gutter can easily catch alight, as flames near the roof eaves can make their way into the attic. Metal gutter guards prevent debris from getting into the gutters in large quantities, and they can also keep out embers so they don't burn near the eaves.

Contact a gutter guard installer to learn more about the options that will work well with your roof.


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