Roofing Solutions For You

Roofing Solutions For You

  • What to Consider about Timber Wall Frames for Your Home Extension

    When you begin to plan a home extension, one of the first things you will look at is the wall trusses. There are several materials you can use for wall frames. One of the most common is timber. If you are considering a timber wall frame option for the extension, there are a few other options you should consider as well. These add-ons will help increase the durability and usefulness of your wall frames.

  • Benefits You Will Get from Metal Roofing

    Regardless of the concerns you may have about metal roofs, like costs, lightning or noise, you can rest assured that these will not be a problem and metal roofing will actually be more of a benefit. Yes, the initial cost may be high, but in the long run, you will note that you will not have to maintain or carry out repairs as much as other roofing materials. As for noise, you can actually have insulation installed to solve the issue.

  • Tis The Season For Pre-Autumn Roofing Maintenance

    The Australian summer is in full swing, but autumn will arrive before you know it. Once the tree leaves start to fall, you face an uphill maintenance battle in getting your roof and guttering into shape ready for the winter rain. Therefore, now is the time to perform maintenance on the top of your house, so that when autumn rolls around you will be sitting pretty inside with a blank to-do list.

  • Uncovering popular misconceptions about gutters

    A lot has been said about gutters, their purpose, and their effectiveness. For some people, it's difficult to picture how having gutters installed can protect their home from foundation damage. Indeed, many homeowners tend to take shortcuts when it comes to guttering. Because it can be an annoying extra expense to deal with, many people have developed misconceptions about the working and usefulness of gutters in their homes. This article will uncover the truth behind these misconceptions.

  • Strata Property Maintenance: 3 Steps to Follow When Undertaking a Roof Repairs Project

    Buying property within a strata scheme is a viable investment as compared to purchase a freehold. First, apartments and houses within the scheme are usually more affordable as compared to others that are not managed through a strata scheme. Additionally, you get to enjoy common areas such as a swimming pool, gym, kids play area and other amenities that would be costly to install in your freehold house. However, when it comes to maintenance and repairs of property, you need to ensure that you follow the right guidelines to avoid breaking strata laws and regulations.

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Roofing Solutions For You

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