Roofing Solutions For You

Roofing Solutions For You

  • Musing on What Type of Metal Roofing You Should Install? Here's 3 Good Reasons to Pick Aluminium Roofing

    If you are looking to install a metal roof and you are wondering what type of metal material you should choose, you should consider aluminium. Aluminium roofing products are highly sought after on the Australian building construction market because of the many practical and aesthetic advantages that they can provide. Read on to find out what some of those perks are. Longer service life.  Once a metal roof has been installed, exposure to the elements (water and oxygen) that cause rust and corrosion is inevitable.

  • 2 DIY Tricks for Finding Hidden Rafters on Roof Trusses

    Not all houses have open roof trusses; some have trusses that are hidden from full view, which poses a problem because, at one point or another, homeowners would wish to locate their roof trusses. It applies, in particular, when owners want to drill solar panels or hang a chandelier from the ceiling. As a newbie roofer, therefore, your clients' satisfaction would depend on how easy you make it for them to fix emerging roofing issues.

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Roofing Solutions For You

Welcome to my blog. My name is Nigel and my new found passion is roofing. Roofing might seem like a strange thing to be excited about. If you had told me a couple of years ago that I would love roofing, I would have laughed in your face. However, all of that changed when I decided to install a new roof on my home. We had been having problems for a while with water leaking into the attic so I decided to take action. The contractor was so helpful I couldn't help but become fascinated by the different roofing solutions. I hope you like the blog.